I am an extremely active individual. While mountain biking a downhill trail in Marquette, MI last fall I came up short on a drop, going "over the bars." As a result, I slammed hard on the ground, first with my shoulder and then with my lower hip/back area. My mobility was limited immediately following the event and during the weeks that followed. Pain in my lower to middle back and up through my neck made routine activities like putting on socks, driving, or even sitting uncomfortable. I normally do not go to a doctor unless it is something serious, thinking I can usually "tough it out." After two months of continued pain and limited mobility, I got a recommendation from a family member that a chiropractor would certainly help my situation.

A quick Google search for the Milford area came up with Dr. Mark Bowers. My initial visit he spent quite a lot of time asking questions, performing exams, and taking x-rays. His first touch points on my back and hips pinpointed the areas of pain. He immediately went to work on adjustments and treatments. Within three visits, things were already feeling better, with reduced pain and more mobility. I continued with Dr. Bowers three times a week for two months and then started tapering visits. My mobility was back fully in three months' time and I was back to an active lifestyle again.

I cannot say enough for the chiropractic professionals and specifically Dr. Bowers level of care and attention to detail when it comes to his patients. Without any drugs, surgery, or procedures, Dr. Bowers was able to put his skills and experience to taking me from pain and mobility from my biking in just a few months. Dr. Mark Bowers is highly skilled in his practice, but he is also a great person and genuinely cares about the people that come to him seeking help. I am certainly glad I chose him for my chiropractic care as it has made all the difference.

--Darrell R.

My neck and head ached almost every day. I had it for a year or two. I also had bad allergies. I would take ibuprofen but the relief was only temporary. My mom's friend told her about chiropractic. I didn't know that chiropractic would stop my neck and head aches. Now my neck and head almost never hurt. Also my allergies almost never bother me anymore. I can't believe how much better I feel and can't imagine my health without chiropractic care.

--Kiley M.

I suffered from migraine headaches since college, and from back pain, due to a high school cheerleading accident, on and off for twenty years. I also suffered from chronic sinus problems since childhood. I took medication daily: Motrin or aspirin and prescription medication for my sinus condition. My husband and son benefited from Dr. Bowers care, so I thought I'd try it. I no longer need daily medication. In fact, I have not taken any sinus medication at all since Dr. Bowers started giving me adjustments. My headaches are few and far between! I am thrilled with my results and have since introduced our entire family to chiropractic.

--Jamie J.

I suffered a major fall in October 2004. After that I complained of headaches and finally during spring baseball season I awoke one morning with severe neck pain and couldn't move it at all. After falling, I received immediate emergency care, including x-rays. After the headaches became frequent, we talked to my pediatrician and went to an ophthalmologist to check my vision.

My dad had recently hurt his back and had wonderful results with Dr. bowers. After several days of my condition not improving, we thought we would give Dr. Bowers a try.

I experienced immediate relief and within a week I was playing baseball. My team even won the league playoff championship! Thanks, Dr. Bowers. My neck pain is completely gone and the headaches have not come back! Go to Dr.Bowers. He'll help you feel better.

--Matthew J.

I hurt my lower back while working in the yard. I couldn't put on my socks or tie my shoes for a week! I tried resting but it didn't help much. A friend referred me to Dr. Bowers for treatment.

After my first visit, Dr. Bowers reported to me that my lower back was out of line and pinching nerves. I felt immediate relief after my first adjustment. Before, I couldn't play golf because of the pain. Now I can play with no pain. I was amazed how well I felt after my first visit.

--Rodney J.

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